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3rd Pertemuan Ilmiah Nasional Tiroid Indonesia 2023 (PINASTI)

Thyroid Cancer: The Need for Personalized and Collaborative Approach


The incidence of thyroid cancer has rapidly increased. The reasons for this
increase in incidence might be due to a true increase in thyroid cancer and
better diagnostic testing. While in most cases thyroid cancer are associated
with good outcomes, some cases might be more advanced and have a poorer
prognosis. These factors necessitate the need for a multidisciplinary
approach to improve the detection and treatment of thyroid cancer.

The Indonesian Thyroid Association (InaTA) will organize their 3rd
Annual Meeting with the theme of "Thyroid Cancer: The Need for
Personalized and Collaborative Approach” which will be held at The
Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine
Universitas Indonesia (IMERI-FMUI), Jakarta, Indonesia, 18-20th August

The objective of The 3rd Annual Meeting of INATA 2023 is to provide
updated knowledge regarding the comprehensive approach on the
diagnosis and management of thyroid cancer. This is achieved through
hands-on workshops, symposiums, and multidisciplinary case discussions
with renowned international and national experts. Parallel sessions with
thyroid cancer survivors will also be held to increase thyroid cancer
awareness in the community.

We hope that this event can provide benefits for healthcare workers and
providers involved in the diagnosis and management of thyroid cancer.

Bidang Keilmuan


Kategori Earlybird
(31 Juli 2023)
Reguler Onsite
Consultant 2.000.000 (Earlybird) 2.500.000 (Reguler) 2.000.000 (Onsite)
Fellow/Specialist 1.600.000 (Earlybird) 2.000.000 (Reguler) 1.600.000 (Onsite)
Resident 1.400.000 (Earlybird) 2.000.000 (Reguler) 1.400.000 (Onsite)
General Practitioner/Medical Student 1.200.000 (Earlybird) 1.500.000 (Reguler) 1.200.000 (Onsite)
Bundling Simpo+Basic Workshop Consultant 4.000.000 (Earlybird) 5.000.000 (Reguler) 4.000.000 (Onsite)
Bundling Simpo+Basic Workshop Fellow/Specialist 3.600.000 (Earlybird) 4.500.000 (Reguler) 3.600.000 (Onsite)
Bundling Simpo+Basic Workshop Resident 3.150.000 (Earlybird) 4.500.000 (Reguler) 3.150.000 (Onsite)
Bundling Simpo+Basic Workshop General Practitioner/Medical Student 1.600.000 (Earlybird) 2.000.000 (Reguler) 1.600.000 (Onsite)
Bundling Simpo+Advanced Workshop Consultant 6.000.000 (Earlybird) 7.500.000 (Reguler) 6.000.000 (Onsite)
Bundling Simpo+Advanced Workshop Fellow/Specialist 5.600.000 (Earlybird) 7.000.000 (Reguler) 5.600.000 (Onsite)