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Bali Psikiatri Terkini 4

Sharing, Collaborate, & Innovate Culture for Charting the Future of Psychiatry

Four Points Ungasan Bali

This event is very important for us to share the experiences, discuss the latest developments of mental health and find solutions to overcome these challenges, including learning from Balinese culture and its relation to psychological well-being. By sharing and learning from Balinese culture, we can find new and innovative solutions to mental problems. We can also develop new approaches to helping patients, such as incorporating meditation techniques and cultural therapy into treatment.

The subject of Bali Psikiatri Terkini 4 / The 4th Bali Psychiatry Update, Join Summit with 2st International Conference on Cultural and Spiritual Psychiatry (ICOSPI) is “Sharing, Collaborate, and Innovate Culture for Charting the Future of Psychiatry". I hope that this event will be the start of closer collaboration between psychiatry professionals and help define a better future for society.


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