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Pre-Event CUPID

Pediatric Urology Emergency and Andro-Urology Emergency


Presenting Pediatric Urology and Sexual Health Problems as our main theme this year, The 12th Current Urologic Problems in Daily Primary Practice (CUPID) invites you to join in our webinar series presented by urology experts from FKUI-RSCM. There will be a pre-event webinar and 4 main event webinars. Details are as follow:

Pre-Event Webinar - 27 Sept 2020 (2 SKP)
1. Ethic and Patient Safety in Urologic Emergency
2. Pediatric Urology Emergency
3. Andro-Urology Emergency

Main Webinar (8 SKP)
1. General Pediatric Urology - 31 Oct 2020
2. Genital Abnormality and Career in Urology - 1 Nov 2020
3. Male Infertility - 7 Nov 2020
4. Sexual Dysfunction - 8 Nov 2020

By this announcement, we would like to inform you that the registration of Pre-event Webinar of the 12th CUPID 2020 is open.

Register for only Rp 65k* and SKP-IDI-accredited certificate is provided!
*Get special 10% discount for Main Webinar registration by joining Pre-Event Webinar

Any question regarding your participation in the 12th CUPID 2020 can be asked through:
WhatsApp: +6281808882708 (Hansel)
LINE: @lsr3999g
Facebook: Cupid FKUI
Instagram: @cupidfkui
Twitter: @cupidfkui

Thank you and see you at Pre-Event Webinar The 12th CUPID 2020!

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