3rd Breast Physician Course

The Role of Breast Physician in Comprehensive Breast Problem Management


An Event for General Practitioner
Saturday-Sunday, May 21st-22nd 2022 10 AM - 3 PM

8 SKP IDI for all Participant

- Breast Anatomy and Its Development
- Breast Pain & Breast Infection Management
- Nipple Discharge: When Surgical Intervention is Necessary
- Breast Imaging: How to Use it Wisely
- Non-Malignant & Pre-Malignant Breast Pathology: How it will Impact in Patient Management
- Breast Cancer Center: Structure & How it Works
- Breast Cancer Screening & Evaluation for Breast Test (Mass)
- Surgical Consideration in Primary Breast Cancer
- Standardized Breast Cancer Pathology Report
- Systemic Therapy for Breast Cancer: An Overview
- The Role of Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer Management
- Pain Management in Breast Cancer Patient

Registration link:

For more information:
WA - 081233555687

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